We would like to thank you for such a fruitful "Effective Networking Skills & Business Etiquette" workshop. Participants had a great time and had very good tips from you!

Snr Human Resource Officer (Talent Attraction), Personnel Policy,
Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office
Lee Hecht Harrison prepares our career transition clients to find their choice jobs. Sally regularly conducts image enhancing workshops for these clients. Her passion and professionalism inspire them to dress and behave appropriately during their job search. Their improved image coupled with the new job search skill learned simply increases the chance of them getting the job!

David Wee
Managing Director
Lee Hecht Harrison (Singapore)
Hi Sally, we would like to thank you for conducting the talk on "Dress For Success". Many participants have given feedback that the session was beneficial and enjoyable. We also would like to thank you for staying on till later to share personalized tips with a few of our colleagues. Your sincerity to assist our colleagues is much appreciated.

Angie Chiong
Vice President, Regional AML Surveillance Compliance Office
The Bank of New York Mellon
Hi Sally, thank you for the wonderful and insightful corporate grooming session! The workshop was informative, easy to understand and very logical. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop especially "the power of colours" and would like to thank you for the amazing effort.

Jamie Lim
Affluent Banker, Affluent Banking
Maybank Singapore
Thank you very much for your workshop about "Projecting A Professional Image". I find it very helpful and was impressed by your professional knowledge in building an effective personal image.

Rachel Nie
Regional Channel Management
Prudential Asset Management (Singapore) Limited
Ms Sally Tang conducted a workshop on "Corporate Image and Etiquette" on 03 March 2008. The participants found her to be knowledgeable in the area of corporate image and etiquette. In the delivery of the course, she was friendly and professional. She paid personal attention to everyone in the class and she was able to deliver her ideas clearly.

Gernadette Lee
Training & Research Personnel (Human Resource Department)
National Institute of Education (NIE)
Sally is a good Trainer, very articulate and engaging in the way she explains the various points for the "Business & Dining Etiquette Course". She is able to hold the attention of the participants. Good course!

Sim Wee Meng
Group Director
Land Transport Authority (LTA)
The "Business & Dining Etiquette Course" has very interesting content and interactive delivery.
Thank you for the session.

Lina Lim
(Director, Transport Planning)
Land Transport Authority (LTA)
I enjoyed your "Dress For Success" workshop. It's very engaging, interactive and entertaining too. Presentation skill, eye contact, body gestures and voice projection were very natural. I think the stage is like your office, you captured the attention of the audience very well. It was an eye opening experience for those who haven't attended personal grooming class before.

Teo Kai Loon
Senior Executive
DSTA Organisation Change and Learning
One behalf of JobsCentral, we would like to express our appreciation to presenting a session on "Personal Branding on Corporate Success". It was extremely informative, and the audience size and participation illustrated the importance of the topics to our jobseekers.
Your presentation was truly excellent and enjoyed by all participants. Thanks a lot for sharing your time, experience and expertise with all of us. Once again, thank you for making our seminar a great success!

Huang Shuyun
Project Executive
JosbsFactory Pte Ltd
I have benefited from your "Social & Dining Etiquette Course" conducted at Chinese Swimming Club and you are a good trainer encompassed a holistic approached. Thanks Sally!

Freddy Sim
Eternal Financial Advisory Pte Ltd
I have attended both Sally's makeup & dressing styling courses, found them to be greatly informative and appreciate your tips & knowledge-sharing on the latest trends and products. Your friendly approach and natural poise "magnetise" the audience to you, hence though it was a long 4-hr session, you kept us engaged & interested. Well done & keep up with your fantastic work. I have also been faithfully using your recommended make-up product, work wonders for my complexion and bring about natural radiance. Got compliments from friends & colleagues. Will definitely refer to my friends and colleagues keen on enhancing on their "beauty skills".

Tina Wong
Property Consultant
PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
Thank you for a most interesting as well as enlightening training experience on "Dining Etiquette". The food was great, people are interesting, great ambience and I left very satisfied with what I have learnt. You have done a great job in making all of us feel very comfortable and at ease. Yes, you are a great trainer and facilitator! I look forward to more of your other image and etiquette sessions. Once again, thank you as I now do not 'fear' but look forward to fine dining with confidence.

Victor Ang
Associate Director
We are indeed grateful to have you as our trainer for the Image Management course. You have enhanced our Lecturer's competency in teaching our Business Etiquette and Grooming modules to the students. With your enthusiasm and hard work, I believed you will be a successful businesswoman one of this day.

Ng Tiong Lian
Section Head, School of Business & Services
ITE College East
It's a great pleasure knowing you and attending your class. It was indeed a fruitful learning experience from your sharing for the last 2 days. There's so much to learn about grooming, deportment and etiquette.

Vicky Tay
Lecturer/Beauty Therapy, School of Business and Service
ITE College East
Hi Ms. Tang,
Very nice to meet you at today's soft skills training workshop!
I have learnt a lot from today's workshop on "Essential Social, Business and Dining Etiquette". It was a very useful and enriching experience. I like your teaching style and it's very easy to follow. Look forward to attend your grooming workshop.

Zhang Dong
IDA Talent Development Programme
I attended your grooming and etiquette course late last year and early this year. I've learned a lot and applied it to interviews and in everyday practice as much as I can. To that end, your advice and pointers have come in handy. I've notice that at interviews so far, people now pay that much more attention because of the added effort I put into dressing and presenting myself; and I feel much more confident. Thank you for your excellent workshops and invaluable advice!

Daniel Ong
Final year undergraduate
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
National Technological University (NTU)
On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend our warmest thanks to you for making this fruitful and pleasurable "Social, Business & Dining Etiquette Workshop". Indeed, this workshop is very interesting and hands-on. I believe that all participants enjoyed their time and learned a lot from you. It would definitely enhance their competitive edges in today's business world. Also, we are so grateful for your extra time for further clarification and Q&A session.

Joseph Lim
NTU, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
(Leadership Development Programme)
I have attended Sally's two workshops: one is on hands-on make-up, another one is on social, corporate and dining etiquette. Both workshops gave me wonderful experiences to learn and practise the necessary skills that could help us achieve success in the modern business world. More importantly, the knowledge learnt in these workshops can be beneficial in a lifelong time, and we can continuously cultivate ourselves for improving our personal competences. Sally is a very professional instructor. She is always passionate and patient to give us customized advices according to our different personal situations. I felt very fruitful after the two workshops.

Zheng Sha
PhD Candidate
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
National Technological University (NTU)
Hi Sally, I would like to thank you for giving me such an insightful and interesting series of grooming and etiquette workshops. I have certainly learnt a lot from you and will definitely put in practice. I have enjoyed myself very much throughout the entire process. Once again, thank you for your practical advice and useful tips.

Melody Cai Peiling
Final year undergraduate, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technology University
Hi Sally, I would like to extend my thanks once again to you for your very educational and fun lesson! I just want to say that taking your course has indeed affirmed what I have been doing for the past few years - investing in personal style and self-branding. It was a very encouraging and inspirational session I had. You are an inspiration and it makes me want to continue with what I am doing and work harder to achieve success! On top of that, I feel that the lesson on personal branding will impact my friends' life and appreciation on personal branding and the importance of personal image presentation.

Wilson Wang
Final year undergraduate
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
National Technological University (NTU)
I would like to thank you for conducting such an interesting and interactive lesson, allowing us to learn more in the areas of grooming and dining etiquette with the numerous insights you provided. The experience was enjoyable and although the course was only three and a half hours long, I benefited tremendously in the areas of my personal development as I now know what to focus on in my personal image through the ABC factors. The course was concise and effective with many topics covered despite the short time span. Thank you very much!

Jeth Ng
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University (SMU)
I attended your lesson on "Creating an impactful presence" and I really learnt a lot from your lesson and felt that all the knowledge and tips that you have given us especially professional dressing dos and don'ts and dining etiquette were very relevant and important to us. I was greatly convinced of how creating an impactful presence is very important in today's competitive corporate world. Thank you for the insightful session!

Michell Soh
NUS Business School
National University of Singapore
Thank you so much for the insightful "Professional Grooming, Corporate Dressing & Business Etiquette" Workshop. I have benefited so much from today's workshop and have found a new found appreciation for matching colours as well as proper grooming for interviews.

Zhao Mian
NUS Business School
National University of Singapore
Thank you so much for the fun and interesting course yesterday. I have learnt a lot on the importance of looking good and dressing well. Thanks for the informative notes on dining etiquette. It has indeed helped me a lot. May your business prosper and be blessed as you improve the self-esteem of others and help them to look good!

Tiffany Kang
NUS Business School
National University of Singapore
On behalf of UNLV Hotel Association, I would like to thank you for being our guest speaker for the "Professional Grooming & Etiquette" Workshop.

I believed all of the students had wonderful time learning more about professional grooming and how important it is actually. Personally, I felt that the workshop was interesting and informative. The way you conducted it and tweaking it a bit to cater to our industry was very nice of you. Hearing your insights about the hotel industry will only serve to help us more next time when we finally step into the industry. Also, as I can see from the students' response after the workshop, many were still asking you questions about their style of dressing, what kind of colour would suit them, etc. Overall, I would say that this workshop was a success!

Raymond Tan
Undergraduate Hospitality Student/UNLV (Singapore) Hotel Association
University of Nevada Las Vegas (Singapore)
Sally's classes are always interactive and hands-on, and it is so much fun to learn from her! She is very patient, always happy to answer any questions you may have, ever-willing to share her experiences and knowledge, and will go the extra mile to guide you and give you personalized advice. I have been to several other grooming courses before, but Sally's are the best I've been to so far, and they are so addictive that after attending my first workshop by her, I signed up for all her other classes! Through these workshops, I have not only learned so much from her, but also enjoyed each and every one of them thoroughly! "

Sophie Lee
Financial Risk Manager
(Attending small group personalized workshop)
Sally is knowledgeable in this field and she is willing to share her experience and expertise to her participants making the workshop value for money. Her passion and sincerity in helping individuals to bring out the best of themselves, skillfully hiding their physical weakness, help individuals discover themselves and appreciate the Creator. Yes, first impression counts and divine impression sets an individual apart.

Sally, keep up the good job! Thank you.

Lynn Low
Event Manager
(Attending small group personalized workshop)
She is Awesome! I had attended several image classes but I had never attended one that is able to give me more advice of my image issue. There were interactions with participants in the class. Sally had great interpersonal skill that was able to bring the energy level of the class to high mode. I will definitely recommend her to any of my friends to attend her training. Thank you, Sally.

Magdalene Lau
(Attending small group personalized workshop)