We conduct corporate lunch-time talk (1.5-hours or 2-hours) during lunch hours or at any convenient time in your office as we understand that your Organization’s employees may not have time to attend a half-day or full-day training course.

With focus on a series of relevant soft skills for employees’ professional and personal development as well as to ensure participants learn in an enjoyable vibe, the lunch-time talk is designed to be conducted in engaging, interactive and light-hearted manners with lots of demonstration and hands-on activities.

The talk’s topics can be customized for small to large class size for mixed group, ladies only or men only for your Organization and industry to meet specific learning events or objectives.
Below are some of the popular topics that we have conducted for various Organizations:
Topic 1:
Corporate Grooming & Dress for Success
A Talk on “Professional Grooming, Colours & Professional Attire”
Topic 2:
Dress to Influence
A Talk on “Professional Attire, Colours, Dress Codes & Style enhancement”
Topic 3:
Refine Your Professional Image
A Talk on “Corporate Grooming, Dress for Success and Business Etiquette”
Topic 4:
Essential Professional & Business Etiquette
A Talk on “Business Etiquette & Professional Demeanour”
Topic 5:
The Art of Conversation
A Talk on “Effective Verbal Communication Skills”
Topic 6:
The Power of Body Language
A Talk on “Non-Verbal Communication and Body Language”
Topic 7::
Personal Branding for Corporate Success
A Talk on “Personal Branding and Corporate Charisma”
Topic 8:
Effective Networking Skills
A Talk on “Rapport Building and Networking Skills”
Topic 9:
Essential Dining Etiquette & Table Manners
A Talk on “Formal and Informal Dining Manners”
Topic 10:
Excel in Customer Service
A Talk on “Service Excellence & Service language”

For lunch-time talk’s some contents/outlines, please refer to “Corporate Training” page for reference. The listed topics/contents/outlines can be further customized to meet your Organization’s specific learning objectives.

Please note that training fee for the lunch-time talk is based on estimated number of participants, duration (1.5-hours or 2-hours), customized contents and package.

For enquiries on quotation, training fee, customized contents and additional information for the lunch-time talk, please
contact Sally Tang at contact number and email address below.

Mobile No: (65) 9745 7589

Email: sally@divineimageint.com

We will be delighted to discuss about your learning event and requirements.