What differentiates a successful Organization is its PEOPLE - employees.

Are your PEOPLE projecting a professional image consistent with your Company's Image, Brand Value and Vision?

Do your PEOPLE look, behave, communicate effectively and conduct businesses that outclass your industry's best representative?

Our corporate training programmes with focus on employees’ professional development will help to:
  • Create awareness on the importance of soft skills for career success.
  • Refine and sharpen employees’ professional image & etiquette management skills.
  • Increase employee's self-confidence, motivation, commitment and positive morale - leading to greater performance and productivity.
  • Enhance client relationships through employee’s professionalism and personal Branding.
  • Reinforce Corporate Image and Brand Value.
  • Take your Company extra miles ahead of your competition!

In-House Corporate Training Programme/Course/Workshop (half-day or one-day or two-days duration) on topics listed below can be further customized for small to large class size for your Organization and industry to meet precise requirements and learning objectives.

Programme Topics Include
 Professional Image & Corporate Grooming
  • Importance of first impression and visual image in today’s highly competitive and globalized corporate world
  • Importance of projecting a professional image consistent with Organization’s Image and Brand Value
  • Learn the essential “A, B & C” (Appearance, Behaviour and Communication) factors of image and impressions management skills
  • Cultivate a professional presence – professional grooming dos and don’ts
  • Face shape analysis and choose right hairstyles, eye glasses, necklines and accessories to complement different face shapes
  • Hairstyling techniques and tips for work
  • step-by-step make-up demonstration
  • Current make-up techniques to enhance ladies’ professional presence
  • Skin tone analysis to identify best colours for cosmetics (from foundation to lipstick) that complement different skin tones
  • Individual hands-on make-up application (only for specific training package)
  • Proper skincare routine for different skin types
  • And many more
 Professional Attire & Dress for Success
  • Importance of visual image and how workplace clothing choices impact professionalism and confidence
  • Cultivate a professional presence – professional attire dos & don’ts
  • The 7Ps of a well-dressed Professional
  • Understand various dress codes and learn to dress appropriately at the workplace and various informal/formal business occasions
  • Decoding dress codes: Black Tie, Formal, Lounge Suit, Business Formal, Business Attire, Business Casual & Smart Casual
  • Learn all guidelines on suits, shirts, ties, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Identify body shape and how to select flattering clothing styles to achieve proportionate silhouette
  • Colour analysis to discover best range and shades of colours (clothing, hair, make-up and accessories) that complement different skin tones
  • How to match and co-ordinate colours for maximum visual impact
  • How to dress and use colours to project credibility, approachability, authority, etc.
  • Style enhancement – refine your dressing style that best reflects your personality and profession
  • Building a workable & versatile career wardrobe
  • Tips on “Dress to Influence”
  • And many more
 Business Etiquette & Professional Demeanour
  • Importance of business etiquette and professional demeanour in today’s globalized corporate world
  • Difference between manners, social & business etiquette and protocol
  • Guidelines for modern business etiquette
  • Proper greetings
  • Introduce yourself and others with confidence and flair
  • Dos & don’ts of handshakes
  • Handling titles and proper form of address (Seniority, VIPs, Dignitaries, etc.)
  • Business card etiquette
  • Business conversations dos & don’ts
  • Rapport building skills and small talk ability
  • Telephone and email etiquette
  • Meeting etiquette (seating arrangement, etc.)
  • Office etiquette – proper workplace behaviour
  • Principles of professional behaviour
  • Cross cultural differences/International etiquette
  • And many more
 Verbal Communication Skills & The Art of Conversation
  • Importance of verbal communication skills – “we cannot not communicate”
  • The 8Cs of effective communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Qualities of a good communicator – keys to magnetic communication
  • Identify your current communication styles and preference
  • Techniques to communicate effectively with people of different communication styles
  • Importance of being assertive in communication process
  • How to develop assertive communication styles
  • The art of conversation – speak confidently and how to engage in conversation with purpose, impact and tact
  • Active listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • And many more
 Non-Verbal Communication & The Power of Body Language
  • Importance of body language in interpersonal communication
  • How to use positive body language effectively to communicate, engage, connect with and influence others
  • Understand different types of body language
  • Body language ‘clusters’
  • 7 body language habits for effective Professionals
  • Project confidence and professionalism in postures, gestures and voice tone
  • Positive body language vs. negative body language
  • Create positive first impression and rapport by using body language effectively
  • How to be aware and in control of your own body language
  • Techniques to enhance your body language
  • How to read and interpret various body language signals in different context
  • Cultural and societal difference
  • And many more
 Effective Networking Skills
  • Importance of networking skills and learn the 5 “W” and 1 “H” of networking
  • Key steps and relevant people skills required to network successfully
  • Traits of a savvy networker
  • Network effectively at various events
    • Create a positive and lasting first impression
    • How to start and maintain conversations – develop your opening lines
    • Techniques for building instant rapport
    • How to engage in relevant small talk topics
    • Taboo topics to avoid – conversation killers
    • Remembering names
    • Proper handshakes
    • Business card etiquette
    • How to enter conversation and make connection with one person or a group
    • How to exit conversation gracefully and move on to connect with others
  • How to follow up, maintain and manage your network
  • Tips on deepening the relationships
  • And many more
 Essential Dining Etiquette & Table Manners
  • Importance of dining etiquette and table manners
  • Western table layout (full cutlery will be showcased)
  • Western & Chinese cutlery knowledge
  • Proper use of cutlery - American and Continental styles of eating
  • Reading the menu: understand terms like hors d’oeuvre, entrée, etc.
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Bread & soup etiquette
  • Dining manners - attending buffet/cocktail reception/informal & formal dining event, etc.
  • Correct postures at the table
  • The art of social and business entertaining - how to be a Perfect Host & Gracious Guest
  • Business & social dining (seating arrangement for VIPs, Guest of Honour, etc.)
  • Toasting and wine etiquette
  • Cross cultural dining etiquette (Western, Chinese, Japanese, local, etc.)
  • Handling difficult-to-eat foods - demonstrations on how to eat spaghetti, salad and deshell prawns without using fingers
  • Hands-on practical western set lunch (only for specific training package)
  • And many more
 Personal Branding for Corporate Success
  • The power and benefits of personal branding – the key to build trust and influence that distinguish yourself for success
  • Self-discovery - analyse your current personal brand and career or life goals
  • Characteristics of distinctive personal brand
  • Develop your Personal Brand – how to package your “S.E.A.T.S” to create unique promise of value to differentiate yourself from others
  • Identify essential skills or areas for improvements to establish strong personal branding
  • The 4Ps and key steps in successful personal branding
  • How to market and communicate your personal brand effectively through various settings and channels
  • Managing your personal branding
  • Introduce the keys to unlocking charisma - the language of likeability
  • Tips on “Trust at First Sight”
  • And many more
 Excel in Customer Service
  • Importance of excellent customer service standards to Organization’s success
  • Defining customer service excellence
  • Understand customers’ needs and expectations
  • The 9 Sins of customer service
  • The 5Ps of customer satisfaction and excellent service
  • Traits of great service people
  • Develop customer-oriented attitude and passion in customer service – the key to creating great customer service experience
  • Deliver superior service – techniques to delight customers and how to go the extra miles to exceed different expectations
  • Identify customers’ behavioural style and learn to handle difficult customers and various challenging situations confidently and professionally
  • Understanding and use of appropriate customer service language to enhance service delivery
  • What is service recovery and learn to apply these skills when dealing with upset and difficult customers
  • Establishing your own trademark of service excellence
  • And many more
 Customized In-House Corporate Training Programme/Workshop/Course

In-House Corporate Training Programme/Workshop/Course (half-day or one-day or two-days duration) on any listed topics can be further customized for small to large class size for your Organization and industry to meet precise requirements and learning objectives.


Here are some of the Customized In-House Corporate Training Programmes/Workshops/Courses that were conducted for various Organizations:

1. Corporate Grooming for Ladies
2. Corporate Grooming & Business Etiquette
3. Corporate Grooming & Dress for Success
4. Creating an Impactful Presence
5. Cross Cultural Business & Dining Etiquette
6. Define Your Corporate Look
7. Dining Etiquette for Today’s Business World
8. Dress for Success
9. Effective Communication Skills
10. Effective Networking Skills
11. Enhancing Professional Image & Etiquette Skills

12. Essential Business Etiquette
13. Essential Business & Dining Etiquette
14. Excel in Customer Service
15. Personal Branding for Corporate Success
16. Professional Etiquette for Today’s Business World
17. Projecting a Professional Image
18. Refine Your Professional Image
19. Serve with Passion
20. The Art of Networking
21. The Power of Body Language
22. Understanding & Using Body Language Effectively